Private enterprise “Rodon” was founded in 1995 in Lviv. The main specialization is machining the precision turned parts with the use of highly productive numerically controlled equipment and single – and multispindle autolathes.

Advantages of working with us: individual approach to customer requirements; professional fulfillment of orders; use of advanced manufacturing sciences and modern equipment in production

We offer: turning, milling and bench work (manufacturing parts like cases, bushes, disks, collars, flanges, blackest, shafts, axles, rollers, (female) screws, bolts, etc. out of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic and other materials); cylindrical, conic, contoured and end surfaces machining, rifling of male and female threads (metric, tube, conic, multithread, modulate, end surface), as well as thread knurling; internal drilling and reaming, etc.

Machine work is conducted by using domestic equipment as well as that of key world producers: ISCAR, SANDVIK, Taegu Tec, Seco, etc.

Tel. +38 067 719 06 80 (in Ukrainian/Russian)
Tel./fax+38 032 275 59 29
Tel. +38 066 76 23 287 (in English)

PE “Rodon”
Kyivska Str. 25/3
Lviv 79013